Damn, damn, double damn

High on my list of things that really tick me off are:

  1. People who waste my time
  2. Malicious vandals

Since Monday, both of these have hit Internet Time Blog with a vengeance. Some deviant has posted pointers to porn sites in my Comments section. Four hundred times. It has peppered Internet Time Blog, Learning Circuits Blog, and Jaycross Blog.

There’s no simple way to put things back to normal. I’m Continue reading

Multimedia Learning

Here’s yet another effective form of learning.


I am thirty pounds overweight and must exercise at leasst 30 minutes a day to work off the fat.

I can transfer MP3 sounds files downloaded from the ‘net via the USB port on my computer.

This tiny $80 device can record or play two hours of voice.

Yesterday I downloaded a variety of high-tech intereviews by Doug Kaye. Later, Continue reading

Nonverbal Impact

Sahib Spiderman. Maish points to this example of extreme localization. To the right is Indian Spiderman..

I was never a Spiderman fan. Superman and Batman were in vogue when I read comic books. Recently, Spidey has been popping up on my radar. Only yesterday, Boing-Boing pointed to Spiderman satire. [Refresh the page when you get there for a rotation of 20 strips.]

I’m losing my hearing. Continue reading