The Nature of Order

A couple of days back I had a very enjoyable lunch with my friend Bob Horn at Greens, my first time back at this vegetarian Mecca in ten years. I asked Bob if he knew the menu; he replied, “This is my company canteen.” Absolutely wonderful food, attentive service, and a great view of the Golden Gate. Bob is a fascinating guy, the inventor of Information Mapping and author of Visual Language. Currently Continue reading The Nature of Order

Furl and Spurl

Bookmarks are so yesterday. They reside on one machine; I compute on three. Bookmarks are browser-specific; I use Firefox unless MS zealots or lazy designers force me to use IE; my wife uses Opera. And sharing booksmarks with others is not simple.

Two free services have sprung up to address these issues. While Spurl and Furl sound the same, their functions are different.

Spurl is an online links Continue reading Furl and Spurl


I can honestly say I never cheated on a test in eighteen years of formal schooling. It didn’t occur to me.

Not that I didn’t take short-cuts. My bookshelves were filled with summaries of the world’s 100 greatest novels, 40 greatest plays, and the predecessors of Cliffs’ Notes. I had a 150 page condensation of the Bible, a similar précis of Crime and Punishment, and a digest of world history.

Whether Continue reading InfoTool

Blogger Experience, Housekeeping, Something New

You can read yesterday’s Internet Time Outbound newsletter online.

Do you Furl? It’s free. And Beta. And great. When I see a webpage I may want to reference, I push a button on my browser’s toolbar to furl it. Unlike a bookmark, Furl lets me store a category, my rating, notes, and a excerpt. Here, take a look at my Furl Archive.

The experience will Blogger has been largely positive. Some issues Continue reading Blogger Experience, Housekeeping, Something New

Loosely Coupled

Loosely Coupled is a wonderfully lucid book by Doug Kaye, who also provides IT Conversations, mp3 recordings of interviews with IT visionaries that I love to listen to while walking in the Berkeley hills. Founder and former CEO of Rational Software, Doug has an ability to explain what’s going on in Web Services, applicaiton integration, Service-Oriented Architectures, security, what’s still missing, Continue reading Loosely Coupled

Eats Shoots & Leaves

Last night I finished reading Eats Shoots & Leaves, “The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation,” a humorous romp through the full stop, the round bracket, and their punctuation pals: they make the written word understandable. “Full stop” is what Brits call a period; “round brackets” are parentheses. I hope you’re noticing the tricky punctuation in this post — the book is chock-full of Continue reading Eats Shoots & Leaves

Above all

To work with the big picture, you’ve got to rise above the day-to-day to the process level.

Remember Charles and Ray Eames’ famous documentary, Powers of Ten? Starting from a top-down photograph of a couple on a blanket next to Chicago’s Lake Michigan, subsequent photos take you up and out. You see the scene from 10 meters, then 100 meters, then 1,000, and so forth, until finally you’re looking Continue reading Above all

Demographics is destiny

Mo-working is on the rise. More and more consultants and corporate types work at client sites or from home offices. The economic downturn and the trend toward outsourcing have created legions of free agents. Knowledge workers are no longer tethered to buildings.

Unless you like noise and sweet, overpriced coffee, Starbucks is not a workable substitute office. If a new baby just moved into your home Continue reading Demographics is destiny

Are you setting the bar high enough?

“Make no little plans. They fail to stir the blood of men,” said architect Daniel Burnham. Indeed, life’s too short for mediocrity. When I hear someone say they wish their online learning were as effective as their instructor-led workshops, I wonder why they’re shooting so low. They should be aiming to make their technology-enabled learning much better than the passive classroom experience. Let’s Continue reading Are you setting the bar high enough?

Virtual Apps

Today I’ve seen the future, not once, but twice, and I can hardly wait to get there.

First, Robin Good whisked me away to visit his persistent meeting room on smartMeeting. I outfitted my avatar with natty blue sweater, gray slacks, and a beard, and joined Robin in his online space.

Slick, eh? We were talking VOIP. I could see his avatar hopping about.

Things weren’t perfect. I’m running an Continue reading Virtual Apps