Wow! Access to our deepest capacity to sense and shape the future. Right up my alley. By inspiring authors, too.

Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future by Peter Senge, C. Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers

    How would the world change if we learned to access, individually and collectively, our deepest capacity to sense and shape the future? This is just one Continue reading Access

Outsourcing Learning

You didn’t need a crystal ball to see this coming. Five years ago, business gurus showed us that profits come to organizations that focus on core and outsource the rest. Don’t do your own payroll; don’t take your own garbage to the landfill; don’t assemble your trucks; stick to the knitting. Outsource! (And I don’t mean “offshore” or “near-shore,” although that could be the choice.)

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Learning Outside the Classroom

Isn’t RSS wonderful? Actually, I should ask “Aren’t webfeeds wonderful?” because Amy Gahrain’s term describes what we get better than any TLA (three-letter acronym).

This morning, Bloglines led me to a refreshing and informative article by Stephen Downes in College Quarterly. I’m preparing for a conference where my audience will have more educators than business people, so I was scouring the Continue reading Learning Outside the Classroom


A few months ago I signed up to be emailed changes from a friends blogs via Bloglet. It seemed a good way for people to subscribe to changes if they prefer email notification to RSS. Also, Bloglet will enable me to alert people to changes on any of my blogs.

How’s about you sign up so I can test this sucker? After a couple of days, tell me if it’s been well behaved and whether it lived up to expectations.

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It’s More Than ROI

This evening I attended a meeting of BayCHI (Computer Human Interface Group) in South Hall, the oldest building on the Berkeley campus. The topic: It’s More Than ROI: Defining the Business Value of User-Centered Design. Speakers from Leap Frog, World Savings, Adaptive Path, PeopleSoft, and Ask Jeeves spoke of measuring the value of interface design.

I’ve heard precisely the same conversation on Continue reading It’s More Than ROI

Miracles abound

My new ThinkPad should arrive tomorrow; I’m like a kid in a candy store. I’ve lost track of how many computers I’ve owned — an early Apple ][, a original disk-less IBM-PC, several more IBM PCs (often with exotic storage media), a Toshiba 1000, a Gateway Handbook, a Dell portable, a Compaq luggable, three or four Gateway desktops, two SONY Vaio laptops, a SONY Vaio desktop, and two ThinkPads. Still, Continue reading Miracles abound

Matching supply and demand

The sweet spot in business is when supply and demand are in equilibrium. Customers buy all they want; you sell all you got. This morning I noticed a perfect example of this in Google’s Gmail.

Google markets Gmail through referrals. Current users can invite others to sign up for the free service. Early users were allotted ten invitations. After that, the invitation button disappeared from the screen.

Google Continue reading Matching supply and demand