KM World 2004

Yesterday I drove to Santa Clara for a day at the KM World Conference and Exhibition. Actually, it’s KM World plus Intranets 2004 in conjunction with Streaming Media, also known as “The National Conference and Exposition on Knowledge Management, Content Management, Intranets, and Portals.”

KM appears to be on the comeback trail. Last year I reported “In 2001, 1600 people attended KM World. 2002 Continue reading KM World 2004

The Emergent Learning Business Case

Learning Econmics Group/Emergent Learning Forum

The Business Case for Learning – Tips, Hints, What Works, What Does Not Work

Joint meeting at SRI, Menlo Park.
November 17, 2004. 8:30 – noon, Pacific time.
Remote participation will be available.

We have invited learning professionals from Apple, Shell, Bechtel and elsewhere to share recent presentations to management making their case for elearning/learning Continue reading The Emergent Learning Business Case

Training Fall 2004, San Francisco

Training Fall

San Francisco

October 11-13, 2004

The former Online Learing Conference has morphed into Training Fall in conjunction with Online Learning. To the right, an unregistered participant at Moscone West.

Since the Workflow Learinng Symposium was a conference within Training Fall, I couldn’t attend many of the regular sessions. The three non-workflow events I did get to go to were great!

Marty Continue reading Training Fall 2004, San Francisco


Last night I finished reading In Praise of Slowness: How A Worldwide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed. I read this one so you wouldn’t have to. That’s too harsh. I enjoyed Slowness immensely, but I’ve read some 60 other books on time. Let me put it this way: For a time aficionado, this tome’s in the top 20% of time books. For normal people, this is boring.

The author, Carl Honore, reads Continue reading Slowness

eLearning Producer 2004

Humidity fogged my glasses the instant I stepped into the parking lot of the Disneyworld Hilton yesterday morning to attend day three of The eLearning Guild’s annual eLearning Producer Conference.

David Holcomb welcomed four hundred and twenty of us, a total that includes sixty or seventy presenters and a dozen vendors. For interaction, small is beautiful. If you wanted to talk with someone, you were Continue reading eLearning Producer 2004


The morning after the Workflow Learning Symposium, I hopped a plane to Fort Myers, Florida, to spend a few days with an old friend, my superior officer at Headquarters, U.S. Army Europe, in Heidelberg in the late 60’s.

Our meal at Parrot Key yesterday was heaven on earth. Fresh oysters, conch chowder, and soft-shell crab.

I spent most of Wednesday on Sanibel Island, an awesome spot for collecting Continue reading Flaw-da

Kill Bill

Proving once again that for some of us multitasking is about as safe as driving with your eyes closed, Windows XP asked me if I wanted to download new updates and I clicked Okay. Unwittingly, I had just signed up for the agony of Service Pack 2. My computer has been acting weirdly ever since.

“The Connection was refused.”
“The document contains no data.”

I am bursting with ideas and observations Continue reading Kill Bill

Workflow Symposium D-1

Workflow Learning Symposium activities start for me early tomorrow afternoon. Good thing I’ve only got about thirty hours of work to do before I’m prepared. Ah, life as a high-wire act.

Actually, I am confident everything will turn out fine. Take great people, give them leeway to do their stuff, share your high expectations, and things magically take care of themselves. Check out this line-up. We Continue reading Workflow Symposium D-1


Emerald’s On the Horizon has published part 1 of my History of eLearning.

On The Horizon – The Strategic Planning Resource for Education Professionals

Volume 12 Number 3 2004

An informal history of eLearning

Abstract: eLearning: snake oil or salvation? Changes in the world are forcing corporations to rethink how people adapt to their environment. How do people learn? Why? What’s Continue reading Emerald

San Francisco Walking Tour

Months ago I offered to lead a walking tour of San Francisco for visitors attending Training Fall and the Workflow Learning Symposium. Time flies. A hundred people have signed up. I need to be ready in four days. I have laryngitis.

Are you a native here? A good storyteller? Join us. I champion informal, face-to-face learning at every opportunity. You tell two or three visitors how the one-time owner Continue reading San Francisco Walking Tour