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This Friday I will be speaking at the 3rd Learning & Development Forum in Athens. Virtually. From Berlin.

I don’t know Greek, so I am taking on faith that this is complementary:

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eLearning-zine aus Deutschland

This morning I received a German eLearning ezine that looks quite interesting. Of course, I was drawn to this item:

Casual learning the whole week
Informal learning is considered to be more flexible

The Internet Time Group has examined the differences between informal and formal learning approaches. The informal approach wins the race, is their opinion. It offers just-in-time, Continue reading eLearning-zine aus Deutschland

Keynote Address on Workflow Learning

Want to understand Workflow Learning and what all the fuss is about? Take twenty mintues to listen to my keynote presentation from the Workflow Learning Symposium. The Debut of Workflow Learning just went up online.

Ted Cocheu and his team at Altus Learning sync’d the slides with the video, so you can hop around (red arrow) if you get bored.

My talk leads into a presentation by Gloria Gery. When Continue reading Keynote Address on Workflow Learning

The Changing Nature of Business

Emergent Learning Forum CEO’s Letter


The bottom line is, well, the bottom line. If investors don’t understand the education business, funding stops and times get rough. Hence, some of our members must pay attention to the business of learning. Luckily, the Forum has a friend who is the leading analyst of our area.

Trace Urdan has helped us read the financial tea Continue reading The Changing Nature of Business


I’ll be attending Online Educain Berlin in next week. This is a great conference, bringing together government, corporate, and education pros from all over Europe and, increasingly, all over the world. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, Online Educa has grown larger than TechLearn.

Next year, perhaps I’ll lead an American contingent to Berlin. Heaven only knows, we Americans are going Continue reading Dezember

Internet Time Archives Keepers

I spent the better part of the day learning to use QuickBooks and dumping the year’s data into its maw, something I should have done long ago. It makes one feel more like a pro than my former reporting system; that was made up of Excel spreads, Post-It notes, and selected emails. Learning was going fine until I needed to erase a few duplicate transactions. Trying to stay with the metaphor, I looked Continue reading Internet Time Archives Keepers

Open Software at the Hillside Club in Berkeley

expect typos: this is live.

Midway through this afternoon, I checked my gmail and found an invitation from Jeff Ubois to a meeting on Open Source a few hours later at the Hillside Club, which is less than a mile from my house. How could I resist? Now I’m sitting about 5′ from the CEO of MySQL, a founder of Apache, the author of SendMail, the leader of BSD, and Kim Polese, now running a start-up Continue reading Open Software at the Hillside Club in Berkeley

Stop Wasting Valuable Time

From September’s Harvard Business Review

Seven techniques can help you get control of your top management agenda and make sure meeting time is spent building value.

1. Deal with operations separately from strategy.

2. Focus on decisions, not on discussions.

3. Measure the real value of every item on the agenda.

4. Get issues off the agenda as quickly as possible.

5. Put real choices on the table.

6. Continue reading Stop Wasting Valuable Time

Google Scholar

Google Scholar debuted on Thursday. Here’s the buzz, followed by my experience using it “to stand on the shoulders of giants.”

Google Graduates to Vertical Search
Motley Fool

By Rich Duprey
November 19, 2004

Google Scholar is a free service that searches peer-reviewed papers, books, abstracts, technical reports, and other scholarly literature. It accesses information from universities, professional Continue reading Google Scholar