Bloggo ergo sum.

ABC names bloggers people of the year.

Dec. 30, 2004 — A blog — short for “web log” — is an online personal journal that covers topics ranging from daily life to technology to culture to the arts. Blogs have made such an impact this year that Merriam-Webster named it the word of the year.

“There’s a blog for every niche. There’s a blog for every interest,” said technology writer Xeni Jardin, Continue reading Bloggo ergo sum.

The ROI Uncertainty Principle

Statistics and target setting can be a farce, by Kenneth Armitage. Charles Goodhart, former advisor to the Bank of England postulates that, “Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes.” Marilyn Stathern boils this down to: “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”

Armitage concludes:

In the end motivation Continue reading The ROI Uncertainty Principle

Annual Cleaning

I only see something like this once a year. It’s an empty mailbox:

Cleaning my office is like an archeology dig. Most layers are just garbage, but occasionally there’s a gem. For example,

First Wordz is the first product from friend and Emergent Learning Forum booster, Ken Fong’s company, T.P. Kidz. Record baby’s first words and email them to grandparents for less than $20. Sorry I didn’t Continue reading Annual Cleaning

Pot calls kettle black.

Blogs are the number one tech trend described in Fortune magazine.

According to blog search-engine and measurement firm Technorati, 23,000 new weblogs are created every day—or about one every three seconds. Each blog adds to an inescapable trend fueled by the Internet: the democratization of power and opinion.

So far, so good. The next paragraph is the spoiler:

Of course, it’s difficult to take Continue reading Pot calls kettle black.

Another view of Online Educa 2004

Early in 2001, I was processing applications to join the eLearning Forum by hand. Someone in Paris applied; under “job description,” he listed eLearning guru. We struck up a correspondence. Peter Isackson invited me to join a panel session on cross-cultural learning issues he was chairing at a conference in Berlin. We stayed at the Hotel Gates (a networked PC in every room!) and became fast friends.

Peter Continue reading Another view of Online Educa 2004


Summary: Learner-centric no more. My focus is shifting to the performance of connections.

I post to Internet Time Blog almost daily, and I hope my words retain more value than yesterday’s newspaper. After all, the Blog is where I share my discoveries and interpretations, not perishable news. Nonetheless, on a standard Blog, the new pushes the old off the bottom of the page, out of sight, and out Continue reading Co-creation

Autonomic Decision-Making

Most of the time, we delegate personal decisions to our mental autopilot systems. Otherwise, sensory overload would pitch us back to a baby’s impression of the world “as one great blooming, buzzing confusion” as described by William James in The Principles of Psychology, and we’d be clueless about what was going on.

I bought a new book by Malcolm Gladwell, Blink. It comes out next month. The Continue reading Autonomic Decision-Making