Tom Stewart

Prepping for a conversation with Tom Stewart this morning, I spent a couple of hours going over my notes on Intellectual Capital and The Wealth of Knowledge. Both books are brilliant in describing the shift to the knowledge economy. These should be required reading for all executives. A few of the quotes I loved:

Intellectual capital is intellectual material–knowledge, information, intellectual property, Continue reading Tom Stewart

Extreme Learning: Decision Games

by Jay Cross
CLO Magazine, April 2005

Sometimes failure is not an option. When a malevolent megalomaniac threatens to vaporize your empire, you send in your James Bond, not a raw recruit.

In business, when itís vital to break into a complex new market, you send in a veteran who knows the territory to close the deal. You rely on an expert who has been there because he knows how to spot the signs and Continue reading Extreme Learning: Decision Games

Break on through to the other side….

I just bought a really hip suite of software for manipulating words, sounds, and images for just over $500, and the vendor sweetened the deal by throwing in a full-fledged computer to run it.

Yes, I could resist no longer. About 15 minutes ago, I ordered a MiniMac from J and R Electronics. I couldn’t resist any longer.

The Apple mystique is a powerful draw. Apple fanatics define themselves with Continue reading Break on through to the other side….

Transition: Emergent Learning Forum

Everything flows.

Organisms grow or die. Living things, be they people, animals, or organizations, replace worn-out cells through cell division. One cell splits to form two, each carrying the DNA that makes it special.

Emergent Learning Forum has matured to the point where we’re splitting in two.

eLearning Forum will continue along the path of inquiry initiated six years ago at SRI. Eilif Trondsen Continue reading Transition: Emergent Learning Forum

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed is an American folk hero who supposedly walked the frontier two hundred years ago, clearing the land and planting apple trees out of the goodness of his heart and an occasional commission. That’s why apple trees cover the American landscape. I identify with Johnny.

I never do just one thing at a time. (It’s a sickness.) There’s always a primary activity and other things tacked Continue reading Johnny Appleseed


The next Bay Area Planetwork Monthly Networking Meeting is this Thursday night, March 24 from 6-10 pm, at the McBean Theatre in the Exploratorium, San Francisco.

Approximate schedule:

6pm – networking and light refreshments*
7pm – presentations by community members
8pm – networking and light refreshments
*A $10-20 donation to cover costs is greatly appreciated.

Presentations will include:

Jay Continue reading PlaNetwork

R&B and Workflow Learning

Fierce winds knocked down a power line in Berkeley in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Smokey the canine alarm clock insisted that I get out of bed at 7:00 am even though the lights weren’t back on. I lit a candle and stood at my drawing board mapping a simpler explanation of what workflow learning is all about. I thought myself a modern-day Abraham Lincoln, studying by flickering candelight and Continue reading R&B and Workflow Learning

The Varieties of eLearning Experience

At the LearnFlex booth at eLearning Producer last week, CLO Gary Woodill showed me where he’d added workflow learning to his burgeoning list of eLearning modes. His presentation on Effective Management of Online Distributed Content lists and describes 40, count ’em – 40!, distinctive types of online learning.

1 Advising/Counseling Tools
2 Arts-based Experiential Tools
3 Automated Online Assessments
4 Continue reading The Varieties of eLearning Experience