One ringy dingy

Ring, ring.

Janiece: “Is Jay Cross there?”

“Does he know you?”

Janiece: “This is a courtesy call from SBC, your phone company.”

“Okay, this is Jay.”

Janiece: “We just wanted to know when you were going to pay your bill so that we don’t have to send you a disconnect notice.”

“How overdue Continue reading

Gloria Gery

Volume 44 Number 8 September 2005

In Her Own Words: Gloria Gery on Performance

by Tony O’Driscoll and Jay Cross

Fortunate are we who have been inspired by a true visionary. Gloria Gery profoundly shaped the beliefs and work practice us both. As Gloria moves on to developing schools in Continue reading

Google Sidebar sizzle

Google is simply amazing. Prime the pump for raising another round of capital from the market by releasing not one, but two, slick products. Offer them for free to insure rapid adoption. Google Sidebar is a near killer app. The individual pieces are nothing new; I’m already running most of them in Continue reading