JosephA group of us spent the better part of today learning about HeartMath from Joseph Sundram (left, showing where his heart is) and Regan Caruthers (below right).

My first brush with HeartMath was in the aisles of some training conference, and the sales people in the booth weren’t adept at describing Continue reading

TechLearn 2005

I dropped by TechLearn in Las Vegas this week because I wanted to witness the end of an era. I’ve been to TechLearn every year since 1998. This was the first year with no presence from founder Elliott Masie. I don’t expect TechLearn to last long without him.

DSC01114 DSC01206

Things kicked off Sunday night with a Continue reading

Hop in the Wiki

I’m trying to build a conference agenda collaboratively with a dozen people in eight countries. It’s a natural application for a wiki. The problem is that most of the people in the group have never seen a wiki, much less posted entries to one, though all are quite computer-literate. I’m having a tough Continue reading