New Blog is Live

This is now the official Internet Time Blog. WordPress

The old blog will stay in place but no longer be updated.

I haven’t figured out how to transition RSS and other subscribers over here except by asking them to move and sign up fresh RSS 2.0. If you have experience with this, drop me a line.

Why am I going to this trouble? Aside from the fact that I’m addicted to change, I wanted a blogging environment with more control than I got with Blogger. And I’ve missed having categories. And having a working RSS feed. And posting excerpts instead of lengthy posts.

Google, Blogger’s parent, is a big corporation. They turn out wonderful things, but they do not encourage you to unscrew the cover and mess around with the innards. WordPress is more flexible. An active community is creating themes and plug-ins like nobody’s business. Blogger:WordPress is sort of like Internet Explorer:Firefox. Actually, I’m being too hard on Blogger in saying that; few things in life are as crappy as IE — I still can’t believe Microsoft lost an anti-trust suit for killing Netscape and stopped upgrading their product as soon as the competition was buried. You’d think they’d have done something just to keep up appearances.

I’ll report on my progress (and stumbles) with WordPress. The only glitch I’ve encountered thus far was the need to update my .htaccess file, which my FTP client hides from view. WordPress couldn’t find my categories or pages. I was going to post a question about this to the WordPress support forums, but not until reading the advice on asking questions that appears in the WordPress Codex (= rules of the game). This led me to a delightful article by Eric Raymond entitled “How to Ask Questions the Smart Way.” After reading it, I couldn’t ask anything in the Forums until I’d made a good-faith effort to find the answer for myself. I began Googling for answers and found just the instructions I needed.

The documentation is clear. The interface is friendly. You can tell a lot of work has gone into this code.

Life 2.0

I’m acting as if 2006 arrived early.

This year, I’m moving more and more of my computing to the web. Whether you call it web 2.0 or not, the wonderful convergence of web apps and desktops, widgets and connections, and interactive freebies and mash-ups are too much fun to pass up.
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