Work, work, work

Lordy, the sacrifices I make for my work. I believe that location has a tremendous impact on the creative process. The re-write of my book (improved!) is due at the end of the month, so I’m leaving the cozy Internet Time Bunker overlooking San Francisco Bay and flying due east as far as I can without Continue reading


Stephen Downes’ Edu-RSS had been my favorite source of learning & education news for years. Stephen is on hiatus and I am suffering withdrawal pains. I figured I’d pick up the slack. I’ve experimented with half a dozen aggregators but have found none to my liking. They are ugly or incapable of dealing Continue reading

Comment Spam

Comment Spam is getting out of hand here. 50+ a day. It’s interfering with my work.

I’m cutting off comments while I install better filters to keep the scum-sucking vandals at bay.

In the meanwhile, please use the Contact button up top (and soon to appear in the right column) to send me comments. Continue reading