Pomp & Circumstance

Austin CrossMy son Austin graduated from San Francisco State with a BS in Geosciences yesterday. I’m a proud dad, feeling older, and happy for Austin. The gold cord drooped over his shoulders is an “honor cord,” awarded to one grad in each department, selected by his peers.

Austin probably got a better education Continue reading

Kill the orphans

In the early days of the web, construction signs littered the landscape. Some people put them on every page!
In time people realized that web pages weren’t meant to be static, like books. You didn’t need to excuse unfinished work. because everything is a work in progress. Nothing is ever finished! Continue reading


The little applications appearing on the Web are addictive. Take a look at Web 2.0 Slideshow. Quickly browsing the left column, I came upon Zoom Clouds. Take a look at the bottom of this page to see the result: a cloud of recent blog postings here.