Does history repeat itself?


Are the Syrians and Iranians going to move into Caesarea next? Does history repeat itself? This evening, Hizbollah insurgents crossed the border from Lebanon, killed Israeli soldiers, kidnapped two others, blew up an Israeli tank, and demanded a “negotiation” for release of the kidnapped soldiers



This is not the sort of town you can take lightly. I’m not religious but I found it moving to rest my forehead on the Weeping Wall, the Jewish holiest of holies, the remaining fragment of King Herod’s massive Second Temple.

Jerusalem is as much an idea as a place. Wave after wave of aggressors conquered Continue reading

Tel Aviv

DSC04628Did you know that Tel Aviv is known as the White City? Built when Bauhaus was popular, the houses are almost all white boxes.


Unless you’ve been here, another easly overlooked aspect of Tel Aviv is its beautiful Mediterranean beaches. My hotel’s about two blocks from the shoreline. I have walked Continue reading

Airborn blogging

This is my first blog post from the sky. I’m over the North Atlantic, just about to enter Continental Europe. My Lufthansa flight has Boeing wi-fi. It’s not a speed demon. Images crawl open. The price is $10 an hour, $15 for two hours, or $28 for an entire trip. This is a ten-hour flight from Portland Continue reading