Opaque origins

A couple of days ago I was delighted to receive this email:

On 12/20/06, Jimmy Atkinson wrote:

Hello Jay,

OEDb: Online Education Database has just named its Top 100 Education Blogs, and I’m pleased to inform you that two of your blogs made the list — Informal Learning Blog and Internet Continue reading

Source material

History is like the children’s game of gossip (also known as telephone). One child whispers a message to the next and so on, and by the time the message has passed through twelve heads, it bears no resemblance to that first whisper. History’s more garbled than that: historians always have an agenda. Continue reading

My father died this morning



James C. Cross, Sr. 1917-2007


1947, Palo Alto


1953, Korea


1960, Paris


2007, Ft. Belvoir


My father passed away peacefully this morning. He died at the age of 89 after a full life as an infantry officer, diplomat, and trusted financial advisor. He retains the distinction of being the youngest member of the General Staff in U.S. Army history. His death was not unexpected; it was a peaceful transition. Rest in peace.