Una paella

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Yesterday my friend Albert drove us along the coast toward Tarragona. We stopped in Sitges, a popular weekend getaway. Since it was a Friday, we had the town to ourselves. Albert told me that on weekends and holidays, the town’s nine beaches are so crowded that it’s impossible to lie down.

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On the way, the
Swiss Alps

A week ago I flew from SFO to Amsterdam to Rome to Barcelona. I’ve been eating ever since.

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Barcelona is a wonderful town for eating.

Barcelona is ancient city, founded by the father of Hannibal in 230 BC. The gothic quarter is a labyrinth of narrow streets. I wandered Continue reading

Tapas in Barcelona

Late yesterday afternoon I arrived in Barcelona and wandered around the medieval quarter. After an hour or so, I stopped by a charming tapas bar, the Julivert Meu. Muy typico.

The food was estupendo. A selection of Spanish ham and salami (the walls of the place are hung with curing hams) and a platter Continue reading

Unconference round-up

This evening I received this email:

Dear Jay,

my name is Johannes, I am a journalist from Germany and participate in the pro-am crowdsourced journalism project “NewAssignment” (without getting paid). If you want to find out more about the project, this article gives a short outline:


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Now and then…

My greatest dilemma is whether to focus my energy on present issues or on dreaming up future ones. Peter Drucker said that a good businessperson must have his “nose to the grindstone and eyes to the hills.” He didn’t divulge the proportions.

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