HRD07, London

I’ve been bouncing around more than usual, not recovering from Boston before heading to London and now off to North Carolina tomorrow.

Here’s the port hole in my cabin on my boat hotel next to the London Excel Center. The five-floor yacht was built in Finland. The buttons on the phone were in Finnish. Continue reading

Not meeting expectations

My suitcase was at Heathrow Airport a couple of days ago; no one seems to know where it is now. Carting people around the world is a complex business. Stuff happens. I understand that. What I don’t understand is how airlines can have so little empathy for their customers and expect to stay in business.

I Continue reading

Grab bag

CIMG3582I am back in Berkeley after a longer-than-expected flight home from Barcelona. British Airways failed to send my suitcase from Heathrow to Calgary yesterday. A two-hour runaround by clueless airline personnel caused me to miss my flight to San Francisco. I spent last night in a Quality Inn. in the nude Continue reading