An email of complaint sent to Air India

Air India,

Last month I purchased a Business Class ticket from Oakland to London with return to San Francisco. The cost was $4339.50. Copies of receipts and boarding pass stubs are attached.

The flight to London was fine, but when my plane arrived in New York from London, my baggage did not arrive on the carousel for more than an hour. Air India’s corresponding flight desk refused to take it because my flight back to San Francisco was leaving in twenty minutes. I was instructed to go to the Air India arrivals counter. The clerk there said I would be re-routed to San Francisco on Delta. She filled out a form and instructed me to take it to the Delta terminal.

“Is this business class?” I asked. No, this was coach. She looked at my ticket for a long time and then consulted someone behind the counter. Five minutes later she began looking for instructions on what to do. Nearly an hour had passed. I said I feared missing the Delta flight, the last from JFK to SFO that evening. She had me take my suitcase back to the corresponding flight desk which she had telephoned to expect me. When I returned to the arrivals counter, she handed me the form, stapled to my ticket, said Delta would exchange it for a new ticket, and that I had better hurry to catch the flight. Was this First Class? Yes, she assured me.

I ran to the Delta terminal. They said the Air India paperwork was for a seat in coach. I explained the situation. I had receipts to prove what I’d paid for. Should I run back to Air India? No time for that. I would have to fly coach.

I took my coach ticket to the gate and once again explained the situation. The manifest was closed out. No way they could change things. I should be sure to write Air India for reimbursement.

The Delta flight was delayed several times and we boarded an hour late. Then we sat on the ground half an hour while Air Traffic Control rerouted our flight around a storm. They added 400 miles to our itinerary. In the six hours it took to get to San Francisco, I was fed two “snacks.” A snack is a small bag of something formed out of corn. Having missed my dinner flight, I was starving. I arrived in San Francisco after midnight but didn’t get out of the airport until 1:30 am because my suitcase was back at JFK.

Because your agent at JFK screwed up the paperwork and most likely lied to me as well, I did not receive the service I paid for. I demand an appropriate refund from Air India.

I am posting a copy of this letter on my blog at I will post your response there.


Jay Cross

Internet Time Group
Berkeley, California



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  1. Did you ever get this resolved as I have to contact them to try and get a flight cost refunded that they should have provided free and wonder if there is any point in starting the process or should I just start a claim against them in the courts? Thanks

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