Supernova 2007 (2)

During lunch I attended a panel session on enterprise 2.0 disruption. David Weinberger, Amy Wohl, an EVP from, and others. The conversation was a dog’s breakfast.

How do you control employees? How to measure their work? How to make sure they’re really working? The discussion was Continue reading


Next time we see one another, I will still be softly smiling, content with the world, and mindful as an Indian guru. I just returned from the better part of a week in Italy. It’s great for the psyche.

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The Cinque Terra is a string of five fishing villages, connected by a pathway that takes a healthy Continue reading



I will be in Italy June 13-20 and off the grid.


linkedinI’m closing admission to my account on LinkedIn to all newcomers except Nobel Prize winners and business partners. Why? I don’t care to share my contacts with headhunters and sales people.