Selected presentations

reutersInformal Learning in 10 Minutes, YouTube, January 2007

Participatory Education, Future of Education, University of Manitoba, July 2007

Free Range Learners in the Ubiquitous Chicken Yard, Serious Mobile Summit, London, April 2007

Informal Learning Meets eLearning, with Ellen Wagner, Adobe, February 2007

Informal Learning, with Judy Brown and Harold Jarche, ASTD TechKnowledge, February 2007

No More Teachers, No More Books, Training Solutions Conference, February 2007

Informal Workplace Learning, the Other 80%, FutureTex, Montreal, June 2006

Natural Learning, It Never Stops, Emerging Elearning, Abu Dhabi, November 2005

The Debut of Workflow Learning, with Gloria Gery, Training West, October 2004


Selected writing

Chapter 1 of Informal Learning, November 2006

Work and the Web are Converging, Learning Circuits, June 2006

Designing a Web-Based Learning Ecology, Learning Circuits, February 2007

Web 2.0 and the Evolution of Instructional Design, Learning Circuits, February 2007

Foreword to The Handbook of Blended Learning.

Workflow Learning Gets Real, with Tony O’Driscoll, Training, February 2005