Don’t be a pusher

Last night I sent this message to the 3,776 people who had signed up to receive a newsletter from me over the last six years.

Dear Svetlana,

I am removing your name from my mailing list. In fact, I am destroying the entire list.

Newsletters cause more annoyance than good, so I am shutting this one down. Shotgun email marketing doesn’t fit the way I want to do business.

To check out what I’m up to, drop by  Read a few chapters of my book on informal learning or join our community.

I hope you are well and enjoying life. I bid you peace.


Jay Cross
Internet Time Group
Berkeley, California

In January I predicted that 2007 would be the year of pull, and now I’m, ahem, drinking my own champagne.

The email went out in the wee hours of Sunday morning. By midday, 600 emails had bounced and 100 were on vacation. About 300 people have read the email. It’s early yet; my email blasts are historically opened by 39% of those who receive them.

A number of people were sad to see me go. Cheer up! I am pruning one of many channels to the web but I am not leaving.