A different pace

The Spanish ruled from 1521 until 1821 but their presence is palpable.

Beautiful courtyards hide behind walls.

The size of some of the trees here ia staggering.

All cities would benefit from having a central zocalo as a community center.

The Panamerica Rallue left town this morning. Vrroooom.


This time tomorrow I will be in Oaxaca, an ancient but impoverished city in the south of Mexico. The photo is of Monte Albán, the great cultural center of the Zapotec people which flourished 600 to 800 AD. Despite being conquered by Mixtecs, Aztecs, and, in 1521, Spaniards, many people in Oaxaca consider Continue reading

Bulk Flickr downloads

flickrSome people are leery about Flickr because you come to depend on it, so all your photos are there, and what’s Plan B if Yahoo! decides to charge a little fee for storage?

Here’s the answer: FlickrBackup. It’s a free, open-source Java application. You tell it what set or collection of photos you want Continue reading