FASTforward 08 video

Andy McAfee, David Weinberger, Tom Davenport, J.P. Rangaswami, John Hagel, and other Enterprise 2.0 visionaries spoke at Fast Forward 08 last week in Orlando. What a cast!

As is increasingly the case on the conference scene, you can attend vicariously. Watch Jerry Michalski interview many of the speakers on video. The event’s blog is also worth reading.

Ten years ago, David Liddle (founder of Interval Research and, he claims, the only person at PARC to rate an entire chapter of Fumbling the Future) spoke to the Software Entrepreneurs Forum about how tough it was getting to keep up. “You have to keep up in so many fields.” The categories themselves are changing. You don’t know what fields to keep up with. And you’ve got to look at how they interrelate.

He suggested that internet authors are going to go the way of the scriveners. These were the people who read and wrote letters for illiterates. The future belongs to the folks who point to the right stuff in mountains of trivia. We’re there, aren’t we? Awash in information, we get more from the pointer than from what they’re pointing at. Sometimes I feel I’m just a repeater on a telegraph line, keeping the signal alive with a little boost but not changing it.

The event spotlights search technology in a variety of industries including media, entertainment, and communications; retail; advertising; financial services; and government,” but not, apparently, learning. (Personally, I’m glad, because implementing cultural changes and learning into enterprise 2.0 is where my research is focused.