internet culture

future.jpgThe culture of tomorrow’s corporations will mirror the culture of the internet.

For several years now, internet blow-back has shaped the thinking of management thinkers. You’ve probably seen my praise for internet values such as spontaneity, peer decision-making, radical decentralization, easy to prototype, bottom-up power, rapid response, viral connections, and so on.

Gary Hamel’s The Future of Management calls for a new vision of management. Managers will be challenged to create organizations that are adaptable, innovative, and engaging. Hamel identifies these internet characteristics that could easily pass for the new management imperatives.

* Everyone has a voice.
* The tools of creativity are widely distributed.
* Its easy and cheap to experiment.
* Capability counts for more than credentials and titles.
* Commitment is voluntary.
* Power is granted from below.
* Authority is fluid and contingent on value-added.
* The only hierarchies are “natural” hierarchies.
* Communities are self-defining. Individuals are richly empowered with information.
* Just about everything is decentralized.
* Ideas compete on an equal footing.
* It’s easy for buyers and sellers to find each other.
* Resources are free to follow opportunities.
* Decisions are peer-based.

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