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Not long ago, a client asked me to draw up a blueprint of a hypothetical informal learning platform for a large enterprise. My ideal chunk of content (article, video, mp3, whatever) in this future scenario had these characteristics:

  • simple to upload
  • once online, easy to read
  • easy to find online

  • readers rate value
  • comments at the item level
  • can search within content
  • can categorize with my own tags
  • tracks number of readers
  • provides a few lines of summary and thumbnail of each item
  • can zoom in on favorites
  • can be embedded in a blog post

Ratings allow the cream to rise to the top. Tags make it possible to look at things from multiple perspectives.


Here’s the ah-ha. Every one of the capabilities is built into Scribd. There’s no set-up required; it’s just built that way.

Background: Two days ago I began uploading articles to Internet Time Group on Scribd. I’ve uploaded 39 documents to-date. My analytics section reports 787 viewers but that involves some double counting. If Joe reads 38 articles, the statistics report 38 visits.

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