Final art of the year

De Young Museum De Young Museum
Uta and I visited the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park today, she to take in the Yves St. Laurent exhibit and I to ogle the art. I’m a fan of the work of Andy Goldsworthy. His work interrupts nature. He’s installed (made? carved?) a crack starting in the sidewalk in front of the museum and spiraling through half a dozen stone slabs at the entrance. It’s art that makes people stop and ask questions. And it’s a fitting additional to my little gallery of art underfoot.

De Young Museum
I was pleased to find this large Aborigine painting, Burrowing Skunk Dreaming, for I’m about half way through Karl-Erik Sveiby’s Treading Lightly, a journey into the world’s oldest culture. The book’s teaching me a lot about sustainability; I want to get to know the art better as well.

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