Free chapters from Implementing eLearning

Seven years ago, Lance Dublin and I wrote a book entitled Implementing eLearning. The cover explained…

Here Is How To:

  • Manage the Change to E-Learning
  • Successfully Market to Learners
  • Create an Implementation Strategy

We wrote that for eLearning to work, you needed to set the stage with change management and sell the stakeholders with the methods of consumer marketing. The message is timeless. People still buy copies of Implementing eLearning today.

For years, we’ve offered excerpts from the rough draft of the book for free. Since a lot of people are fighting uphill battles to implement anything these days, it seemed a good idea to make the outtakes available again. I converted them from Word to Acrobat this evening and offer them for your use.

Find out what didn’t get into the book. Typos, far-out ideas, and topsy-turvy presentation. This is unedited. From the heart.

By answering the questions at the end of each chapter, you assemble an Action Plan for change management and marketing.

This material will join the repository of problem-solving stuff I’m assembling at