Around-the-world conversation on learning

Corporate Learning Trends & Innovation (henceforth “Learntrends”) is hosting a free, online conversation on learning in organizations starting April 21. I’m getting fired up about conducting Learntrends globally, that is, for 24 hours. Wherever the morning sun is shining, people will be engaged in dialog about organizational learning.

Two days ago, this seemed an audacious “stretch” goal. Now I’m convinced it can happen if energetic, knowledgeable people get behind the idea. I described the concept to some friends this morning:

Running a session requires one person to run our conferencing environment, Eluminate, and another to be talk show host. We need enthusiastic people to take responsibility. In other words, if we fill in this chart with the names of can-do people, we’re more than half way home:

GMT Starting Time

Place Operator Host
16:00 San Francisco Kim Jay
21:00 New Zealand
23:00 Sydney
3:00 New Delhi
5:00 Abu Dhabi
7:00 Helsink
9:00 Amsterdam
11:00 London
13:00 New York

Mind you, we’re doing this with no budget whatsoever and with, at this point, four volunteers who are not accustomed to this sort of endeavor.

If you want to lead the conversation or take the online controls in your part of the world, become a member of Learntrends. It’s free. (All this is free.) Think about how you can help make these conversations productive. You’ll be able to sign up for be an operator or a conversation host on Monday. Get ready!

Do any of you have experience with a 24-hour open conversation like this? Any advice?

If you are passionate about learning in organizations, please think about what you’ll share with the group. What can you add to the conversation?