Afghanistan’s Untold Story


Invisible History, Afghanistan’s Untold Story

It’s not what you think. The media’s version of what’s going on in Afghanistan is fiction. The U.S. Government’s take on things is totally wrong-headed — and little changed from the days of Bush’s bungling. Charlie Wilson’s War is total bullshit. Zbigniew Brzezinski is a liar.

Former CBS journalists Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald’s book describes:
  • How an invasion of Afghanistan by the American-backed Shah of Iran was being prepared years before the Soviets invaded.
  • How Afghanistan was used as a calculated pretext for the Reagan administration’s unprecedented arms buildup.
  • How Afghanistan became a covert launch-pad for the greatest heroin smuggling racket in history as the CIA looked away.
  • How Afghanistan is being used as a vehicle for Saudi Arabian colonization and control of Central Asia – blessed by the United States.

It sounds like a grand conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? The story includes Cold War politics, Hamas, massive dope deals, the Shah of Iran, underhanded politics, cover ups galore, extreme naivete, the legacy of British colonialism, women’s rights, mullahs, made-up enemies, and self-serving propaganda — such a heady mix that Oliver Stone wanted to make a movie out of it all.

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould
Yesterday I had an opportunity to chat with the authors. They struck me as sincere, well-reasoned people. I believe their version of what’s going on in Afghanistan.
Paul and Elizabeth plea for the U.S. to take its head out of the sand. The Afghans need housing, transportation systems, and security. Our military’s cat-and-mouse games chasing after warlords is a distraction from this humanitarian mission.
These two are brilliant whistle blowers. I hope people heed their call.
Read the authors’ article Thinking Like an Afghan for an overview.

Read the Prologue to see how this investigation unfolded. Check the book’s blog for more background.