Streams, not blogs?

To fork or not to fork?

Blogging has been an important part of my life for ten years but now I’m wondering if the party isn’t moving on.

Like classrooms in training, blogs will always be around. But also like classrooms, blogs are ceasing to be the primary source of value.

While I write a couple of public-facing blogs, Internet Time and the Informal Learning Blog, I spend more time participating in group discussions, writing comments, making online presentations, adding descriptions on sites like Flickr, posting to my wiki, and so forth. My blogs show but one of many perspectives of Jay.


Blogs are author-centric in a world that’s increasingly about relationships. Blogs are slanted toward me, me, me, me, me; the net is inexorably moving to us, us, us, us, us. Dialog trumps monolog.

Services like FriendFeed, Tumbler, and Posterous are essentially personal aggregators. Blogs gave each of us a personal printing press, but I want to express myself and interact with people outside of blog posts and essays. An aggregator enables me to create content with many different tools and in many different locations without the hassle of reposting links and what-not to my blogs.

Steve Rubel, Edelman’s tech trends guy, is forking his content from his blog to Posterous and a handful of other sites. I’ve followed Steve’s extremeley popular MicroPersuasion blog for years; he’s on to something important here. His blog is morphing into a “best of” collection of essays which he plans to update only a few times a month. Daily musings, photos, news, and links will appear in his Lifestream site. He Tweets links to new items and commentary. Everything shows up on Steve’s Friendfeed, including comments and discussion.

Yesterday, Steve pulled the switch: “It’s official; I’m moving from blogging to lifestreaming.”

I am considering following in Steve’s footsteps. I may re-focus Internet Time and the Informal Learning on articles and use Posterous as my main publishing stream.

By the way, I’m writing this post in Gmail. It will be automatically posted to Posterous. I’ll put a copy on Internet Time as I ponder where to go from here.

Any thoughts?