Jay the Novice

Ten years ago Elliott Masie led a workshop for eLearning vendors at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle. Honchos from dozens of top-tier eLearning companies filled the lecture theater. Everybody was new at this, so we spent a lot of time on nuts and bolts.

Elliott asked for a show of hands: How many of us had actually completed a module of eLearning in order to learn something? (Watching a demo didn’t count.) Less than half of those in the room raised their hands. Most of the senior people from these companies had never experienced the product!

This is one reason I’ve signed up for Robin Good‘s Professional Online Publishing (POP) program. I’ve known Robin for years and am sure I’ll learn a lot as his student. I particularly want to relearn what it feels like to be a novice.

POP is not a course about learning how to make money online, nor about how to create a fast-success, big traffic blog site. I am uninterested in those goals per se and I have learned the hard way that it takes serious effort and true, genuine dedication to get anywhere memorable.

POP is more like a VIP club than a training school. The curriculum is dynamic and learners get to change and modify it. New information and know-how is served in many cool different formats and it is accessible 24 hours a day. I, the club founder, spend dedicated time with each one of my guests inside their VIP suites. I listen to their stories and I do my best to understand where they want to get, and then I help them identify possible critical points, as well as the alternative roads available to them. I don’t teach. I work with them to find a custom strategy that works for their specific needs.

In the coming months, I’ll be posting about my learning journey. I’m looking forward to getting started.

I’m experiencing the enthusiasm of beginner’s mind.