LearnTrends Live: Reuters case study


Thomson Reuters

Charles Jennings

Largest information company in the world

70/20/10: 80% of learning takes place outside of class
Learning through experience: 70%
Learning from others: 20%
Learning formally: 10%

Think of your major lessons. They weren’t formal, were they?

Note: the 80/20 ratio for informal/formal was the case before networks kicked in

Social learning: sharing experiences
Jerome Bruner: difference between learning physics and being a physicist
Physicists take part in the practice.

Our world is others. Can’t learn alone.

Workplace learning and performance support

EPSS the silver bullet.
Craftsmen used it.
GPS on desktop helps navigate the map

LiveLabs & scenarios
routers live
scenarios, virtual worlds

learnscapes: immersive simulations

Andy MacGovern

Social Learning Exchange

working with Sun on this
cross between YouTube and i-genes (?)
focus on knowledge that organizations typically have difficulty sharing: tacit knowledge

Focus is on game-changing moves