Confessions of a Public Speaker

I just finished reading Scott Berkun’s Confessions of a Public Speaker. The book is chock full of tips for those of us who speak in public.

Next year, I’m shifting from consulting to delivering webinars, in-house briefings, and conference presentations, so I’m sharpening my presentation and storytelling skills. Scott’s book has gotten great reviews. It was only after I began reading that I realized I’d met the author earlier this year. He was just ahead of me giving an Ignite presentation at Gnomedex in Seattle this fall.

scottScott Berkun at Gnomedex, source

Confessions bristles with stories that give you the feel of what it’s like to be a professional speaker. Plenty of exhilaration but lots of boredom, hecklers, and screw-ups, too. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to my new direction.

Think of your opening minute as a movie preview: fill it with drama, excitement, and highlights for why people should keep listening. (Sound like fun.)

“Who here thinks they’re above average intelligence?” More than half the audience always raise their hands.

Always plan and practice to end early. (I’ll be returning to practice, practice, practice in lieu of shooting from the hip.)

Sound advice.

jaygnomedexJay at Gnomedex

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