DevLearn 10 Finale

DevLearn is my favorite U.S. learning conference. I have learned so much in the last three days.

JSB and Jay

Wow. DevLearn ended on a high note: Richard Culatta, Cammy Bean, Aaron Silvers, Ellen Wagner, and Gina Schreck in serial Pecha Kucha.

Richard: games, not courses. Fun comes from mastery. No more nextsters.

Jane: don’t let the boss loose with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a Smart Phone. Rather, show them meaningful examples.

Cammy: be an eLearning professional. That encompasses learning & pedagogy, creativity, tech, and business.

Ellen: data-driven decision-making is on the way.

Gina: pocket video cams are cheap, put ’em in the hands of learners, upload to YouTube.

Aaron: The more we share, the more we connect, the more we learn. #lrnchat

Q&A: Etiquette on Twitter: don’t be an asshole. Work/life balance: there’s an off switch.

Slides from DevLearn 10. …from DevLearn 09. …from DevLearn 08. …DevLearn 07.

I have oodles of notes to pour over. DevLearn was a call to arms for social networked learning. But that’s it for now, for The Internet Time Alliance is hunkering down for the better part of two days to talk amongst ourselves about what’s important in our business, our industry, and our lives.