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The Internet Time Lab is a space for exploring new frontiers and thinking big.

Aaron Silvers’ great write-up of DevLearn 10 captures the spirit of what we’re trying to accomplish with the Internet Time Lab in Berkeley.

Internet Time Alliance Trees

I know Jay Cross (@jaycross) by reputation and though we exchanged a little bit at DevLearn 2009, I wouldn’t say I knew him well. Being in his context, looking at how he organized his office — how he labels the toys on his shelves, how there are several cameras and voice recorders fully charged and ready to use at any time, in multiple accessible locations, looking out into some sizable redwood trees in his backyard, with every wall in the office ready to scribble on with dry-erase markers — I was inspired by how he’s created an environment where the only barriers to creativity and imagination are what you bring into the environment yourself. I learned a lot about how he works in an anthropological sense.

While there, I was so happy to meet fellow #lrnchat-ter Jane Hart (@C4LPT) and one of my idols, Harold Jarche (@hjarche). I was elated to finally meet Charles Jennings (@charlesjennings) and as became a theme for the week, I hardly got a chance to hang with Clark Quinn (@quinnovator), though I turned the tables on his son, who was doing video interviews with the guests and, in turn, asked him about the challenges he has with access to new and emerging learning technologies (I’m looking forward to seeing some of that video)

About the Internet Time Lab


According to the theory of existentialism, Ba is a context, which harbours meaning. Thus, ba can be considered as a shared space that serves as a foundation for knowledge creation.

Accoding to Nonaka, “Ba” can be thought of as a shared space for emerging relationships. This space can be physical (eg. office, dispersed business space), virtual (e.g., email, teleconference), mental (eg. shared experiences, ideas, ideals) or any combination of them. Ba provides a platform for advancing individual and/or collective knowledge.

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  1. Hi!
    My name is Arash and I am an artist based in San Francisco. I am working on a walking tour in the North Berkeley hills on Saturday, June 6th (from 3-6 p.m) with Stairwell’s (link attached). While walking around, I saw the sing of Internet Time Lab and did a research on the web. I was thinking to have a brief stop at the lab (10 min) and have a short conversation to think differently. Please let me know if possible and looking forward hearing back from you.


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