Cold snap

We’ve been experiencing weirdly cold weather in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Freezing temperatures are rare in Berkeley, but as you can see from the photo of my car, it dipped below freezing last night.

It even snowed in San Francisco. Last time that happened was 1976, soon after Uta and I moved Continue reading

Working smarter

Higher ground

I don’t talk much about training or learning these days.

Just because you train people doesn’t mean they learn.

Learning is higher ground than training, but learning is not enough to make sure the job gets done.

The goal is achieving the outcomes you seek. How you get there Continue reading

Tricky language

Years ago, I was confused when my direct flight from San Francisco to the East Coast stopped in Denver for a few hours. I mistakenly confused direct with non-stop. I suspect some marketing whiz came up with the confusing nomenclature.

Today I bought $30 worth of Persian food at Zand’s Delicatessen Continue reading