This Tuesday at 16:00 GMT (11:00 am Eastern), I’ll be opening the Global TIME Conference. My topic is Learning Smarter:

Courses are dead and schooling for adults is out to lunch. Let’s talk about empowering learners by treating them as equal participants. If you’re a fan of Ivan Illich, you’ll want to jump in. If you’re not, go read Deschooling Society (it’s online; Ivan was talking about networks in the 1950s!)

That’s what I had in mind six months ago. We’ll talk about that, but I plan to get into building platforms for learning in large organizations, the obstacles to making them work, and where things may be headed in the next five years.

Ironically, I named this conferenc. Curt Bonk mentioned it and whatever it was being called at the time bored me to tears. I’d just been watching a TED (Technology Entertainment Design) talk and suggested the event be a TIME (Techknology, Innovation, Media & Education) conference.

Register ($225 for the entire event)