Working Smarter Top 20 Hot List

Working Smarter Daily has been aggregating articles from my favorite sources for a month now. These are the top twenty articles from our sources, selected by social signals:

  1. Why Are Easy Decisions So Hard?- Jonah Lehrer, March 2, 2011
  2. It is the structure of social networks that shapes influence… and the structure is changing- Ross Dawson, February 5, 2011
  3. The connected company- Dave Gray, February 8, 2011
  4. The Horizon Report 2011- Jane Hart, February 9, 2011
  5. Microsoft Sides With Apple on H.264 Video, Leaving Google in the Cold- Marcia Conner (FC), February 4, 2011
  6. Time’s Up – Learning Will Forever Be Part Formal, Part Informal and Part Social- Dan Pontefract, February 6, 2011
  7. Gladwell proves too much- David Weinberger, February 4, 2011
  8. Learn the Basics of Photoshop in Under 25 Minutes [Video]- Lifehacker, February 7, 2011
  9. Presentations I’ve recently enjoyed watching- George Siemens, February 19, 2011
  10. Data From The Edge- Andy McAfee, February 25, 2011
  11. Reviewing “A New Culture of Learning”- John Hagel, February 7, 2011
  12. The Curse Of Mental Accounting- Jonah Lehrer, February 14, 2011
  13. Blogging is fragmenting into multi-platform content creation – long live blogging!- Ross Dawson, February 21, 2011
  14. Why doesn’t management advance?- Steve Denning, February 9, 2011
  15. Are We Wired For Mobile Learning? (Infographic)- Jane Hart, March 5, 2011
  16. Bike Computer Study Proves Rush-Hour Cycling Is Faster Than Driving- Marcia Conner (FC), February 8, 2011
  17. Bring on The Live Web- Doc Searls , February 18, 2011
  18. Questions from and for the Digital Public Library of America workshop- David Weinberger, March 2, 2011
  19. Working smarter through social learning- Harold Jarche, February 6, 2011
  20. Social and connective lock-in- George Siemens, February 25, 2011

As explained here, Working Smarter Daily is not one of those ubiquitous Twitter summaries that clog my mailbox. Rather, it’s a smart aggregator that puts the top content in the field on a single page. It’s saving me a lot of time and broadening my knowledge.

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