Training departments: wake up, smell coffee

TechCrunch reports that “Social enterprise giant Jive is releasing a study today, called the Jive Social Business Index, which surveyed 902 US-‐based executives at large and mid-sized companies on their views of social in the enterprise. The study revealed that Social Business is increasingly perceived as a strategic executive imperative in the enterprise, with 78 percent of the executives surveyed admitting that having a social strategy is critical to the future success of their businesses.”

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21st century management practice

I caught up with former telecom exec Marie Bjerede after a three day retreat in North Carolina. We were hunkered down at the Asheville airport waiting for a brooding storm to pass by.

Marie describes managing a team of 70 leaders. Marie’s program is a near-perfect fit with Steven Denning’s concept of Radical Management. What she did supports William Gibson’s observation that the future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

We just cut the price of the eBook to $12.

eBook, $12.

Paper, $24.

By Charles Jennings, Harold Jarche, 
Clark Quinn, Jane Hart & Jay Cross

This is the first edition of the Fieldbook to incorporate QR codes. That’s what these funky-looking little bar codes are called. Point your smart phone at a QR code, and you’ll be led to a location on the net with more information. To take advantage of the QR codes, download any bar code reader to your smart phone, for example QuickMark.

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“Your call is important to us”

The big companies you call for help know there’s a better way. That’s why outfits like Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, Yahoo!, Dell, Intuit, and participate in the Consortium for Service Innovation


Advance the state of the art in customer interactions by developing innovative strategies, models and standards.


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We’ve crossed the chasm…

The business section of today’s New York Times reports that “Companies Stay in the Loop by Using In-House Social Networks.”

Show it to your boss if she hasn’t gotten the clue about social business.

Sadly, while social networks are becoming the prime way people learn from one another in organizations, the Times article doesn’t mention learning.

Nor does the reporter do the math to calculate the value of eliminating email, reducing phone traffic, and eliminating meetings.

Authentic three-way conversation

It’s so trendy I’m getting tired of it, but “it all depends on the context.”

Jay, I’m a bit confused. When you say “it’s so trendy” are you referring to the meme or what? I sort of lost the continuity of the conversation here. Perhaps that is why I have very mixed feelings about threaded conversations. LOL

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Lots of organizations I speak with are concerned about onboarding, that is, bringing new people into the fold, socializing them, and getting them up to speed.

Few people have addressed offboarding, the process of letting people go, yet the benefits from taking a new approach are huge.

Kevin Clark is one of the people who has studied — and implemented — a better way. We talked about it in a coffee shop in Asheville, North Carolina, last week. (Forgive the background noise; that’s collateral Continue reading Offboarding