What does a 21st century leader need to do?



I often swipe images for blog posts from Bing or Google. Looking for images of leader, I was surprised when all that came up were militarist images of leaders as exalted commanders. No citizen leaders here! There’s a lot of bad baggage to clear away before we implant the meme of servant leadership. So forget those pictures and image a network of equals.

When I say leader, I’m referring to hands-on managers and professionals at all levels, everyone who thinks for Continue reading What does a 21st century leader need to do?

July bonanza at Working Smarter Daily

Best of Working Smarter Daily for the month of July 2011

Working Smarter Daily draws upon ideas from design thinking, network optimization, brain science, user experience design, learning theory, organizational development, social business, technology, collaboration, web 2.0 patterns, social psychology, value network analysis, anthropology, complexity theory, and more. Working Smarter Daily embraces the spirit of agile software, action learning, social networks, and parallel developments Continue reading July bonanza at Working Smarter Daily


As I ease into personal-retreat mode, I’m de-complexifying my world. I only have a couple of things on my mind and as soon as I document them here, they’ll disappear from consciousness, too.

Thing One

On Monday, Uta and I are driving down to Carmel, where we’ve rented a cottage near the beach for the month of August. My only work will be the 21C Leadership Project. For that, I’ll be interviewing people, scouring the web, and digging through books to come up with what managers and professionals Continue reading Bliss

The New Capitalist Manifesto

“This book is more than a manifesto, it’s a blueprint for building the sort of twenty-first-century company that will be loved by its customers, envied by its peers, and admired by all those who care about the future of our planet,” says Gary Hamel in the introduction to this short tome by economist Umair Haque.

I agree wholeheartedly with Hamel that “The legacy model of economic production that has driven the ‘modern’ economy forward over the last hundred years is on its last legs. Continue reading The New Capitalist Manifesto

Personal infrastructure

The first computers I used were gigantic contraptions on raised floors in glass-walled, air-conditioned rooms. Maintenance was a nightmare. I remember wiggling circuit boards to make sure they were seated in their slots. I could never have imagined we’d one day have computers installed in our homes!

Here at the Command Center of Internet Time Group, I am the systems analyst, programmer, repair person, and janitor. Five computers, three printers, and a bunch of oddball peripherals. When something Continue reading Personal infrastructure

Building the business case for social media

Listen up! This is a compelling presentation on many levels. There’s a hell of a lot of content packed into a 4 1/2 minute presentation. The message itself is compelling: listen up, Mr. Executive, you could have your own United Breaks Guitars nightmare. And the presentation is captivating; I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

P.S. More than ten million people have watched United Breaks Guitars. I usually fly other airlines these days in solidarity with Dave.

P.P.S. Thanks to Beth Kanter Continue reading Building the business case for social media

21st Century Leadership

The Network Era
When the economy went to hell in a handbasket a couple of years back, my gut told me this was not a downturn. Rather, the network economy had finally taken the wind out of the sails of the industrial age. The economy was not going to “bounce back.” Instead, we were entering a new era. This was a total game changer. A new normal.

We’d entered an age of unparalleled volatility, uncertainty, and accelerating speed where ideas had become more valuable than physical things. Financial Continue reading 21st Century Leadership

“Summer School”

Via LinkedIn Groups

  • Group: Chief Learning Officer magazine
  • Subject: Time to Go Back to School Virtually (For Free!)

Dear Chief Learning Officer LinkedIn Group Member,

The 2011 HCM Summer School event is one week away! Join Chief Learning Officer, Diversity Executive and Talent Management magazines on July 19-20 for this FREE event, which starts both days at 9:15 a.m. Eastern time.

Hosted in our Human Capital Media Convention Center, this FREE two-day virtual event brings together high-profile Continue reading “Summer School”

Ciao, Flip

Four years ago, friends and colleagues marveled when I’d pull out my Flip video cam and shoot passable video with a unit not much larger than a pack of king-sized cigarettes. This was a breakthrough technology.

Flip should have given me a commission. My demos probably sold hundreds of units. For some reason, Flips weren’t available overseas, so I mailed Flips to friends in Europe and Australia.

When the Flip UltraHD came out, I bought one immediately. High-quality video for the masses. Continue reading Ciao, Flip