The debate over informal learning

Entrance to Oxford Union eLearning Debate
Today eLearn Magazine published a story on the debate at Oxford on whether informal learning is more style than substance.

It was a rollicking good time, with Allison Rossett, Nancy Lewis, and Mark Doughty futilely making the argument that informal learning is style, and Bill Dutton, David Wilson, and I debating that informal learning is substantive.

Oxford Union Debate: For the house

To get the flavor of the event, here’s a bit of video:

The audience voted 5:1 against the house motion that informal learning is more style than substance, but corporate behavior demonstrates that the issue remains very debatable.
The Speakers and Chair

More on the debate

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  1. The term informal education needs to be understood, if at all, first. Like we heard and saw in the video many things that we conventionally take as a part of informal education is actually pretty significant for a person’s growth and knowledge!

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