LearnTrends Conference is no more

LearnTrends, the Corporate Learning and Innovation Conference, is going off the air.

In 2007, 2008, and 2009, we hosted free online conferences to push the envelope in learning innovation. Thousands of people from around the world participated. We also conducted special events, e.g. a session on using Sharepoint to support learning and a 24-hour round-the-world marathon webinar. We’re bidding adieu to 3,751 members.

The conference organizers, Tony Karrer, George Siemens, and I are still chasing after innovation in learning, but we’ve changed channels.

You can keep up with George, who first came up with the LearnTrends concept, on his blog www.elearnspace.org/blog or Twitter @gsiemens.

Stay current with Tony at www.elearninglearning.com or Twitter @elearningPosts.

You can find me at http://internettimealliance.com and http://internettime.com or Twitter @jaycross/alliance

Have a great 2012!

Jay, George, and Tony


Warm thanks to the speakers and helpers who made LearnTrends a success.

George Siemens
Tony Karrer
David Snowden
Jay Cross
Richard Straub
Clark Quinn
Donald H. Taylor
Janet Clarey
David Wilson
Bill Bruck

Jane Hart
Robin Good
Tony Karrer
Nancy White
Dave Wilkins
Mark Sylvester
Kevin Wheeler
George Siemens
Marcia Conner
Allison Anderson
David Weinberger
Dave Pollard
Dave Gray
Alvaro Fernandez
Jay Cross

George Siemens
Jay Cross
Tony Karrer
Charles Jennings
Andy McGovern
Clark Quinn
Deb Schultz
Jerry Michalski
Chris Hardy
Jane Hart
Laura Overton
Charles Jennings
Jon Husband
Harold Jarche
Chirsty Confetti Higgins
Judy Brown
Pam Boiros
Janet Clarey
Jack Merklein
John Smith
Nancy White
Vincent Berthelot
Thierry de Baillon
Frederic Domon,
Tony O’Driscoll

The incredible support team

Scott Skibell, video
Steve Tuffill coordination
Kimberly Caise, moderation and training

Those were the days, my friends. We thought they’d never end. We’d sing and dance forever and a day.

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