Best articles on Working Smarter, April 2012


APRIL 19, 2012

Remaking education in the image of our desires

The current generation of students will witness the remaking of our education system. Education faces enormous pressure. It’s much, much bigger.

APRIL 24, 2012

[2b2k][everythingismisc]“Big data for books”: Harvard puts metadata for 12M library items into the public domain

(Here’s a version of the text of a submission I just made to BoingBong through their “Submitterator”). Harvard University has today put into the public domain (CC0) full bibliographic information about virtually all the 12M works in its 73 libraries. This is (I believe) the largest and most comprehensive such contribution.

APRIL 13, 2012

Design Principles for Complex, Unpredictable, People Oriented Systems

An IBM Global CEO Study conducted in 2010 concluded that complexity was the primary challenge emerging out of its conversations with 1,500 CEOs and senior government officials. CEOs told us they operate in a world that is substantially more volatile, uncertain and complex. CEOs now realize that creativity trumps other leadership characteristics.

APRIL 19, 2012

Using social media for onboarding

Two actions that can begin even before a formal offer is made: Providing access to an online knowledge base. Start the process as early as possible.
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