Well being and corporate learning

Something light for the holiday. Happy Fourth!

Last week I spoke on, well being, and the bottom line for the Learning and Skills Group. The gist:

Happy employees are 31% more productive on the job and make 37% more sales. They are 200% more creative than their sad peers. Happiness is but one aspect of well being. Researchers have correlated well being with academic performance. Join Jay to talk about the notion of well being and its importance on the job. We’ll look at what makes people happy, how this impacts working and learning, and what you and your organization can do to be happier, better learners.

  • Lead a happier life
  • Assess your own well being
  • Learn about the Positive Psychology Movement
  • Discover free assessment resources
  • Live longer! (Happy people do.)


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The Learning & Skills Group’s two-day virtual conference showcased ten other speakers, all of them friends. Recordings are up for all. Check it out.

Kudos to Don Taylor for hosting a successful event.