Monterey Car Week

Things are busy this coming week at Internet Time Lab, but we do have our priorities. The coming week is car week in Monterey.

We’re going to motor down to Monterey on Monday, stay at the Del Monte Hyatt, and ogle the cars on Carmel’s Ocean Avenue on Tuesday. Last year knocked my sox off. Amazing machinery. And owners love to talk about their cars. Perhaps I’ll make a video this year. Could be a nice kick-off for researching well-being.

“What? You have two Bugattis and you’re not happy?”

I may return on Sunday for the Concours d’Elegance in Monterey. FIAT is featured this year, and I’ll never forget the thrill of driving my FIAT 850 Spyder all over Europe. The Concours is a mind-blowing assemblage of unbelievable cars and the top end of the 1% who own them. A ticket this year goes for $200. This is the only time I rub shoulders with these people.

Anybody want to share a ride to/from Berkeley and Monterey on Sunday the 19th? It’s a long shlep to do alone.