The Internet Time Lab Rail Yard

The Internet Time & Back is a minimalist, N-scale, single track, time-traveling layout that breaks all the rules. It travels straight through the commercial areas of the Internet Time Lab, ferrying cargos from one end of the Lab’s standing butcher block desk to the other.

During a break this evening, I decided to see how the model would work if I flipped it 180 degrees. Five minutes later, it was done.

You see, the Internet Time & Back is eight feet long and two inches wide. N-scale is 1:150, so when blown up to lifesize, it would be 1280′ x 12′.

The rotation gave me an idea on how to hide the controls for the train.

Last week in Burton-on-the-Water, I bought a Euro car that I plan to re-model as the mobile executive offices of the Internet Time Lab. I’ll be customizing it extensively:

In Model Railroader magazine, modelers describe how their mini-world is recreation of some mining company exactly 162 years ago right down to authentic period dust in the streets.

In contrast, 99% of the operations and traffic on the Internet Time and Back are my fantasy. That’s cheaper and more realistic. They represent no particular era. I prefer steam locomotives to diesel, so that’s what we’ve got. Next time an immigration officer demands to know what I do, I may tell her I own a railroad. Our equipment roster is thin but she doesn’t need to know.

What do you do to disengage from intense work?