The Warm Feeling of Vindication

When checking out of the Randolph Hotel in Oxford a couple of weeks back, I was surprised to be charged 3 for “Credit Card Processing.” What? When I pay hundreds of dollars for a room, I expect the hotelier to pick up the finance charges.

The next evening I posted my thoughts on the Randolph’s billing policy to TripAdvisor.

I forgot about the incident until an email arrived from Trip Advisor this morning.

In only 7 days, your review has had 327 readers

If my “review” turns off only one potential guest in 20, at $500/room, the Randolph will forego $8,000 in revenue at its standard $500/night rate. Reviews lose their punch after a while. Mine is the 747th review for the Randolph on Trip Advisor. In a month or two, my review will sink beneath the surface. By that time, they’ll have foregone more than $20,000.

Obviously, this is asymmetrical punishment. Hotel screws me out of $5 and offers no apology; I ding their sales by $10,000 or $20,000.

The internet empowers Jay the Avenger, to counter commercial injustice wherever he finds it. I feel good.