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What do the following people have in common?

Mortimer Adler

Woody Allen

Julie Andrews

Gene Autry

Warren Beatty

Marlon Brando

Andrew Carnegie

Winston Churchill

Tom Cruise

Michael Dell

Charles Dickens

Bo DIddley

Barry Diller

Joe DiMaggio

Walt Disney

Thomas Edison

Larry Ellison

William Faulkner

Enzo Ferrari

Bobby Fisher

Henry Ford

Robert Frost

Benjamin Franklin

Buckminster Fuller

David Geffen

Bill Gates

John Glenn

Ernest Hemingway

William Randolph Hearst

Adolph Hitler

Eric Hoffer

Jane Jacobs

Steve Jobs

Ray Kroc

Ralph Lauren

Annie Leibovitz

Abraham Lincoln

Charles Lindbergh

Mark Twain

Steve Martin

Steve McQueen

Claude Monet

Marilyn Monroe

Florence Nightengale

Yoko Ono

George Orwell

Sidney Poitier

Wolfgang Puck

Marc Rich

John D. Rockefeller

Will Rogers

Knute Rockne

Karl Rove

William Safire

George Bernard Shaw

Frank Sinatra

W.Clement Stone

Barbra Streisand

Leo Tolstoy

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Gore Vidal

H.G. Wells

Walt Whitman

Tiger Woods

Steve Wozniak

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Zappa

Mark Zuckerberg

I’ll post the answer tomorrow.


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