Greater Good Science Center


I just got back from the first local member meeting of the Greater Good Science Center here in Berkeley. Started by a grant a dozen years ago, Greater Good was a print magazine. The founders imagined “an organization that would identify the roots of healthy relationships and flourishing individuals, exploring qualities such as compassion, altruism, respect, trust, tolerance, and wisdom.” The print magazine morphed into a web publication, which appears to be its major outreach program. They host events (check this out; I wouldn’t miss it.)



The Center has amassed an impressive collection of articles and programs on its core theme. I plan to spend more time there. For example, here are Stories for Managers. I like their summary of happiness habits worth cultivating:



Amazingly, the Center does not appear to have anyone looking after membership. Tonight’s meeting was initiated by one guy who happened to inquire about membership programs when he recently moved to Berkeley. Twenty or thirty people showed up on a drizzly night for our first meet-up. A couple of staffers were on hand for the first part of the session. CCSC’s position is to “Let those in the room drive this.” I’ll be back to see how we might grow this.

Greater Good Science Center

Greater Good Science Center

Greater Good Science Center

Internet Time and Happiness

A friend asked if I’d dropped Happiness as an interest. She said I was all over the place with the topic for a few months and then went off the radar.

I’m still a true believer. Legitimizing the expression of emotion in business is going to be HUGE. People will be able to participate with 100% of their beings, not just the ├╝ber left-brained portion. My research marches on. I’m reading a lot and talking with a lot of people.

I have recast my calling as: “My calling is to make people happy. Millions of people. Particularly people in the rat race we call business. They deserve more fulfilling, inspired lives.”

This may not be my immediate business focus, but it’s a area where I expect to make a major difference. Pro Bono.