Pope sells Vatican to Google


exchange sold-sign

Capitalism’s epicenter and holy shrine, the New York Stock Exchange, has a new owner!

A guy in Atlanta bought it.

This is like Disney buying the Capitol or the Israelis buying Mecca. Unthinkable.

Founded in 1792 by twenty-four brokers under a buttonwood tree at 68 Wall Street, this is where the rules for buying and selling bonds and shares of companies were drawn up and agreed upon. For more than 200 years, brokers who knew one another performed all buying and selling of stocks and bonds face-to-face. That was then. Now speedy algorithms are replacing the brokers.

The world we’ve lived in for the last hundred years is giving birth to a new planet, a realtime world that will take getting used to. It is among us now, an alternative economy and worldview, meming our brains, lulling us into acceptance, visible in pockets, and chipping away at our current beliefs. It’s good; it’s bad; it’s disruptive.

Where do you stand on human/machine interaction? Or machine/human interaction? Ready for your implant? Notice any difference in the pace of life lately?

machineThe Stock Exchange morphing into code is a shock to the system for those of us accustomed to human buffers like F2F brokers and not to cyberscenarios like Terminator 3’s Rise of the Machines. If this can happen, anything can happen.

The same scythe cuts throats in the music business, book business, manufacturing, retail, commodity businesses, newspapers, service, communications, and anything else that can be automated or outsourced. Hundreds of miles of empty local storefronts bear witness that Amazon can deliver faster, better, cheaper. Incredibly so.

I have ordered things from Amazon in the morning and been delighted to get their smiling package the same afternoon. They must have pitched it on the truck as soon as I pushed the button on my end. When Amazon is this convenient, I and a lot of others I know, will keep pushing the Bait Bar marked “Amazon Prime.” Read Charles Jennings’ recent post: change or die.

zon2 zon1Amazon gets stuff to me quickly because robots are moving the stock around in the local warehouse, devising the best way to hand stuff to humans for shipping. What will the L&D robots do?

L&D’s name is on the makeover list.

Have you thought about how your L&D is going to be disintermediated, flipped, automated, AI’d, reconnected, supercharged, reconfigured and rejuvenated?

How is your L&D going to satisfy learners la Amazon? Anything could happen. Think about it. I do.