Yes, I write white papers.

A friend of ten years asked, “You write white papers? I didn’t know you wrote white papers.”

For vendors? To make them look good? To help sell stuff? Yes, yes, yes.

Here’s recent proof, 25 pages on how to implement 70:20:10.

“This paper offers a vision of how management — with the help of learning and development (L&D) professionals — can make learning from experience and conversation more effective, complementing formal learning to make the whole program more powerful. Replacing today’s haphazard approaches with systematic, enlightened management development can accelerate the development of future workers and get the entire organization working smarter. The potential is great. MORE

And previously, 20 pages on why training is broken and what to do about it.


Here is my sales pitch. I’m only looking for a few clients. Pass it along! (Tell people to mention that you referred me so I can thank you personally.)

Please! I’d like to retire before I hit 100. Share this with my weak ties (AKA your pals).

My friends, you know the free advice and observations I have shared with you for more than a dozen years? Writing and marketing projects have paid for most of it. So if you work with vendors who are not good at expressing themselves and have money to improve, ask them to look at this.

I am an enthusiastic, can-do, daring author when advocating something I can see merit in. That’s when I glow white hot and create a story that will stop people in their tracks and spin them around in the direction we’re hoping for. Another role I enjoy is brand ambassador.